OSGOOD RIVER & OSGOOD POND paddling, camping

Aug 5&6, 2012 - OSGOOD POND. Put in on Church Pond in Paul Smiths. A short channel leads into Little Osgood Pond (aka Frog Pond) then a shallow canal leads into Osgood. Secured a lean-to on Paul Smiths College easement land at SW end of lake expecting storms later in day. Shores dominated by white & red pines. Paddled over to White Pine Camp - very windy. Lots of time for RnR & swimming from the sand beach at the lean-to. Storm finally came thru at dinner time - 2 people in canoe got caught in 30+mph winds, initially paddling toward us but got swept down the lake. Some small leaks in back of lean-to. Loons. Some road noise. A few cottages on the lake. Only saw one motorboat. No biting flies & just a couple of mosquitoes, some non-biting flies around lean-to. Cool morning, broke camp & paddled out via Frog & Church.

Sep 28, 2009 - OSGOOD RIVER. Meacham Lake, view of Debar Mtn. Scenic twisty stream with only minor beaver dams. Side-trips into Mud & Baker Ponds. Tall white pines on the E shore esker, some colorful maples. Osprey, big gb herons. Mostly wild but did pass 3 private camps & bridges. Took a short walk over the esker & took a peek at McColloms Pond before turning back. Some road noise as one goes further S (upstream). 12+ miles, 6 hours.

Sep 27, 2009 - OSGOOD RIVER. Church Pond to Little Osgood Pond to Osgood Pond (some development) to upper Osgood River, part way up Jones Pond Outlet (bald eagle). Maples at peak color (yellow, orange, red, purple), not much else changing yet. River goes thru swamp with tamaracks & black spruce. Also explored a tributary which enters Osgood River from the NE going over 2 beaver dams. 13 miles, 6+ hours.

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