HUDSON RIVER paddling, Thurman to Hadley.

The Bear Slides on Butternut Brook is a half mile hike from the river at Darlings Ford.
In summer, tubing is popular in the 2nd half of this trip.

May 24, 2015 - HUDSON RIVER from Thurman Station to Hadley. North Creek & Hadley gauges a bit above 3' - some shallow spots but I only scraped bottom twice. Quickwater, riffles, flatwater. Clear water - so much nicer than the lower Hudson. Hills rise rise sharply on both sides of the river. Went along the L shore the 1st half of trip - a good choice, a wilder side with the Hudson River Special Management Area on that side. Some light development on R shore (golf course, ranch resort). Stopped to look at the campsite & have an early lunch at Chamberlain Farm. Sandpipers, green heron, mergansers. Tubers going very slowly, not much current in last 4 miles above Hadley. 14.9 miles, 4.5 hours. 

Jun 1, 2008 - HUDSON RIVER, Rt.418 bridge in Thurman to Canoe Access (steep shore next to huge cedar) on River Rd in Luzerne. Quickwater, riffles, flatwater. Bald eagle. North Creek gauge at 3.2' - plenty of water for this trip but do have to watch where you are going to stay in deeper water, river is ~200' wide. Very pleasant valley with steep hills & cliffs. L shore mostly undeveloped, R shore has light development, some road noise. A few bad bugs at put-in & take-out. 15 miles, 5 hours.

Paddling the Hudson & Hoosic Rivers article.


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