CAPE COD kayaking

Sep 12, 2015 - NAUSET MARSH from Hemenway Landing in Eastham. Started over 2 hours before high tide for the ocean. Poked into Salt Pond where the National Seashore Visitor Center is. NE to shallow Nauset Bay then down easternmost creek SE to Nauset Inlet. Hung out almost 2 hours watching gray & harbor seals. Zig zag course on marsh creeks then around S side of marsh going past Fort Hill. Water is clear, even in the marsh. Hundreds of seals, group of scoters, plovers, great & snowy egrets. 10 miles, 5.5 hrs. A shark was spotted at Marconi Beach today. 16' shark spotted at Nauset Inlet - story.

Sep 11, 2015 - WALKERS, UPPER & LOWER MILLPONDS from Slough Rd in Brewster. Wanted to paddle Chase Garden Creek but the bay was real choppy, so to plan B. Wind 10-20mph from the N. Freshwater kettle ponds, lightly developed, some conservation lands. Did each pond clockwise. Shallow passage from Walkers to Upper (the biggest of the ponds). Narrow (down to 3') 250 yard passage to Lower & grist mill/dam. Wind & bouncy waves on return. Green & gb herons, osprey, swans (1 cygnet). Drove over to Coast Guard Beach & walked S on Nauset Spit over 1 mile to Nauset Inlet, saw over a thousand seals. Sunset at Rock Harbor. 

Sep 10, 2015 - LITTLE PLEASANT BAY from landing at end of Portanimicut Rd in Orleans. Forecast for rain in pm, light wind. Started at mid flood tide. Past Seal Rock & across to Hog & Sampson Islands. Around S side, eelgrass in water, then N on shallow Broad Creek (best done closer to high tide) with barrier dunes & Atlantic Ocean to the E, snowy egrets in shallows. Saw fog rolling in (I have a Brunton deck compass) so crossed over to Old Field Point then across to Namequoit Point following shore back to landing. Continued S to Sipson Island with short break at Eelman's Point, saw seal. Back to landing & into tiny Paw-Wah Pond, heard thunder. 6.6 miles, 2 hrs. Visited several beaches in the rain, not many people - used inexpensive highly waterproof/breathable umbrella.

Sep 9, 2015 - HERRING RIVER from Rt.28 in West Harwich. Good SW wind, hot. Start just before high tide for the sound. Side-trip 0.6 miles up Coy Brook to low bridge. Back to HR. Side-trip into East Reservoir, green herons. Continued upstream on HR under 2 bridges to West Reservoir. Quick return with current. Swans, osprey, red-tailed hawk, yellowlegs, sandpipers, gb herons, cormorants, kingfishers, fiddler crabs, black snake. 8 miles, 3.5 hrs.

Sep 8, 2015 - BARNSTABLE HARBOR from Blish Point state boat launch. Hot, humid, light breeze. Sandy Neck is a 7-mile-long barrier beach on Cape Cod Bay with 2nd highest dunes on Cape Cod. Paddled 1.5 miles to the old lighthouse then to Beach Point at the tip. Back W, good look at The Dromedary dunes, around N side of marshy Great Thatch & Little Thatch islands then up Wells Creek - I could feel the ebb current & turned around then across harbor S of Phillis Island. 8.8 miles, 2.6 hrs (no breaks).

Sep 7, 2015 - WASHBURN ISLAND from Whites Landing in Falmouth. Down Childs River, L on Seapit River to Waquoit Bay. Had to go wide around 2 shallow spits as I paddled down the E shore of Washburn Island & past some campsites. Over to the narrow inlet for a break then over to Tom's Pond. Short walk across dunes past rugosa rose with hips to the Sound - stiff SW wind creating good waves here, Martha's Vineyard seen 5 miles out. Crossed Tom's Pond to 200' portage to Eel Pond then N to Childs River. Lots of osprey, gulls, cormorants. 8.4 miles, 4.7 hrs. Drove over to the Estuarine Preserve & hung out on an Adirondack chair on top of bluff with view of the bay - learned that in 2012 there were 37 nesting pairs of osprey in the bay area.

  • Oct 15, 2014 - CLIFF & LITTLE CLIFF PONDS.  Nickerson State Park.  Clear green water, mostly undeveloped shores, some fall color (maples & poison ivy looked lovely).  100' sandy portage from one pond to the other.  Not very big bodies of water but S wind created good chop at N side of Cliff Pond.  Hawks.  Warm but very windy lunch at Nauset Light Beach (national seashore).  Walk from Hemenway Landing (a large dead fish at the landing) looping on Fort Hill which has an excellent view of Nauset Marsh, trail passes interesting whalebone arch at Captain Penniman House.  Hung out at Skaket Beach on bay side before heading off the Cape.     
  • Oct 14, 2014 - BOAT MEADOW RIVER.  Morning walk on Race Point Beach on ocean side, saw grey seals.  Lunch at Harding Beach in Provincetown.  Launched from Bayview Rd Landing in Eastham a bit before high tide for the bay.  River winds thru marsh going under Bridge Rd bridge.  After couple of miles took N branch passing old dike into pond-like Boat Meadow Bog.  Back to junction then up S branch slowly closing in on powerline & reaching bike trail.  Back to the mouth, tide still coming in; waves in Cape Cod Bay were just big enough to surf back in to shore.  Hung out for a nice sunset.  Swallows.   
  • Oct 13, 2014 - NAUSET INLET & MARSH.  Cool & dewy in the morning so drove over to ? Point on Pleasant Bay in Chatham to get a look at the new break to the ocean, ebb tide current moving right along here.  Launched from end of Tonset Rd in Orleans & had to carry down a flight of stairs to the beach (later found 2 town landings to the S I could have used) near Nauset Harbor.  Paddled N inside Nauset Beach to the inlet & landed for a long lunch break - great spot.  Literally tons of grey seals (adult males can weigh over 700 lbs) - saw maybe a hundred in the ocean inlet area.  After lunch, crossed the boating channel to wide creek heading W; a fishing boat went by & threw steep short period waves at me requiring braces to stay upright.  Within sight of Hemenway Landing turned SW in the Northwest Passage to Skiff Hill Creek passing below Fort Hill, then back to start.  Terns, gulls, gb herons, yellowlegs, willets, cormorants.  Drove over to 1st Encounter Beach on the bay side to hang out hoping for a good sunset - folks from the Mayflower had a fight with natives here - today is Columbus Day.   
  • Oct 12, 2014 - Cape Cod kayaking, windy every day, high tide mid to late afternoon.  CENTERVILLE RIVER from Dowses Town Beach in Centerville.  N wind so best to paddle on the sound side.  Launched 50 mins. before high tide into the mouth of the river at the sound & crossed East Bay into the river.  Long & Craigville Beaches are between the river & the mainland, light to moderate development, sometimes lavish.  Thru marshy area then at ~2 miles the river gets much narrower & one is surrounded by 12' high phragmites.  Green herons, yellowlegs.  WS Zephyr 160 PRO kayak.

  • Aug 25, 2014 - SOUTH BEACH from Morris Island Rd in Chatham, MA.  150' carry to the water at edge of marsh, S of a marina.  Light S wind.  Paddled around the S end of Morris Island (not an island) into Nantucket Sound passing exotic mansions then undeveloped beach & dunes to the inlet of Stage Harbor, North Monomoy Island seen to the S.  Crossed E over to SB (a long undeveloped peninsula with the sound on one side & the ocean on the other) watching out for motorboats to a new break opening out to the Atlantic (could also see another break to the S, last time I was here SB was connected to South Monomoy Island, things are constantly changing here, maps/charts do not show the area accurately).  Lunched here, popular spot for sun-bathing motor-boaters too, no sand fleas or green-head flies.  Grey seals swam past, no sharks.  Back along the W side of SB with view of Chatham Light & stopped for more beach time, lots of shallow water & undeveloped beach around here.  Lovely clear green water.  Osprey, gulls, groups of eiders, loon.   
  • Aug 24, 2014 -WAQUOIT BAY & WASHBURN ISLAND, CAPE COD kayaking, East Falmouth.  WI is an an undeveloped island topped with pitch pines with many sandy beaches around its perimeter, WB is on its E side, the Childs River on its W, Nantucket Sound to its S.  Light NE wind, start 2 hours before high tide at town landing on Childs River.  L on the short Seapit River passing shellfish aquaculture floating cages.  Thru moored sailboats & down E side of the bay then up shallow channel into marshy Sage Lot Pond.  Along S side of bay past the inlet (fair amount of boat traffic) at Dead Neck, waves over 1' here & some current.  Motor-boaters hung out on the beach.  At SW end of the bay paddled a twisty channel  (look for sea lavender) into Tims Pond, a lovely oasis rimmed with trees & sand dunes with no sign of development.  Walked 100 yard portage to Eel Pond (a continuation of the Childs River).  Decided to drag the Alchemy 150' over low dunes (lots of rose hips) to Nantucket Sound, Martha's Vineyard in view.  Paddled W to the mouth of the Childs then back for lunch & beach time,  sand fleas a minor annoyance.  Back to the bay & up the E side of Washburn passing several primitive campsites, most occupied by motor-boaters.  Down the Childs to the mouth completing the circuit of the island then back upriver, W side of the river generally tastefully developed.  Lots of osprey, cormorants, gulls.  6.5 hours. 

  • Oct 21, 2013 - SCORTON CREEK in E Sandwich.  Got up early to watch the sunrise at Nauset Beach then broke camp.  Put in at State Wildlife Reservation S of Rt.6A.  Upstream with the incoming tide.  Also paddled up Jennys Dam River & Shove Creek to where they narrowed to almost nothing.  Ebb tide out.  Walk to CC Bay on the Sandwich Boardwalk, dinner at Flynn's Irish Pub & then the drive home.   
  • Oct 20, 2013 - NAUSET MARSH from town landing at end of Hemenway Rd..  Windy so stayed close to the mainland.  S to Fort Hill area, around a marshy island, N & up Northwest Passage (someone scuba diving) into Main Channel, thru Big Box (gulls & yellowlegs on oyster cages), along West Cove & up Cedar Bank Creek into Nauset Bay, returned hugging the shore to minimize windage.  Had time today to visit CC Bay, eat lobster roll at Marconi Beach on the ocean, do some souvenir shopping, watch the sunset at Linnell Beach, eat dinner at Land Ho in Orleans & visit Nauset Beach on the ocean under moonlight. 
  • Oct 19, 2013 - LIEUTENANT ISLAND from beach landing at end of Old Wharf Rd in Wellfleet.  Limited parking, parts can be under water at high tide.  Paddled S on Loagy Bay to the bridge - the road to the island is under water near high tide.  Passed the mouth of Fresh Brook & S into short creek reaching trail & observation deck at Mass. Audubon Sanctuary.  Out to Cape Cod Bay & S to Hatches Creek which winds quite a distance into the mainland, some tasteful development.  Lunch at beach at mouth of the creek with view of the bay & Great Island (see Sep 8 trip).  Windless pm & bay was real calm & inviting so we paddled around LI, some development.  Back across Loagy Bay to the put-in. Eiders.

  • Oct 8, 2012 - NAUSET MARSH from Hemenway Rd.  Started after high tide.  Headed N & into Salt Pond where we saw National Seashore Visitor Center & oysters growing in cages on the water.  NE from Salt Pond Bay but entrance to Nauset Bay was already too shallow so turned SE into Robins Channel which wound its way to the inlet where we were met by many grey seals.  The inlet is actually N of what is shown on most maps & guidebooks - a recent aerial photo shows it best.  After a beach break we paddled S down the Straits of Magellan staying near the deep water of the boating channel with Nauset Beach on one side & the marsh on the other.  The current from the outgoing tide was quite noticeable here.  Around The Horn then back along Skiff Hill Creek passing the Fort Hill area - some shallow spots.  Finished at low tide.  Horseshoe crabs, crabs, lesser yellowlegs, water spout from buried clam, terns, gulls, great blue herons.  5 hours.
  • Oct 7, 2012 - PLEASANT BAY from Ryder Cove.  Wind NNW 5-10 knots.  Launched after high tide.  Passing a marina & many moored boats we entered this very large bay.  Some strong currents witnessed with the outgoing tide.  Circumnavigated Strong Island - a mansion sits at its W end but the rest of the island is open to the public.  The SW shore was fascinating at the edge of marsh - watch out for shallow areas, sandbars at low tide.  After a stop at Fox Hill (where I found a most interesting finger sponge) we poked into Crows Pond before finishing.  Harbor seals, eiders, crabs.  5 hours. 
  • Oct 6, 2012 - STAGE HARBOR, Chatham.  10-25 knot winds from SSW.  From town landing on Oyster Pond River.  Passed the back side of Harding Beach into Stage Harbor, choppy at N end.  After a break at the beach we crossed the inlet (watch out for boat traffic & currents) to E side of harbor.  Beaches & dunes on either side of the inlet are undeveloped except for an old lighthouse.  Kite boarders enjoyed the wind here & on Nantucket Sound.  Explored small creeks on back side of Harding Beach on way back - fiddler crabs, mussels, willet.  5.5 hours.    

  • Aug 20, 2012 - BASS HOLE area from Grays Beach in Yarmouthport, Cape Cod.  Walk on boardwalk across marsh.  Fiddler & green crabs.  Light S wind.  Launched 4 hours before high tide & there was a good current to paddle against to get out onto Cape Cod Bay.  The bay was quite calm with clear water & shallow areas.  Paddled SW toward Barnstable & then NE past Chapin Beach.  Dunes closed off to allow for nesting terns & plovers.  Back thru the inlet & up Chase Garden Creek.  Look carefully for the miniature flowers of sea lavender.  Bass Hole area probably best 2 hours either side of high tide to avoid max currents.

    Aug 19, 2012 - POPPONESSET BAY near Mashpee on CAPE COD.  From town landing on Ockway Bay off Great Neck Rd.  Across the bay & into Fullers Marsh - great egret, little green herons.  Out thru the inlet & onto Nantucket Sound.  N wind 5-10 knots, waves up to 1'.  Popponesset Beach - lunch & swim on almost a mile of undeveloped beach.  Across the bay & up the Mashpee River - some development at 1st but soon into conservation land.  Large quantities of osprey.  Some motorboats - there is a narrow deep water channel across the bay.  Dagger Alchemy, a most versatile & fun 14' touring kayak.

  • Sep 12, 2011 - BARNSTABLE HARBOR.  Sandy Neck.  Scorton Creek.
  • Sep 11, 2011 - WAQUOIT BAY.  Washburn Island. 
  • Sep 10, 2011 - SOUTH BEACH.  Morris Island.  North Monomoy Island.  Grey seals, coyote.. 
  • Sep 9, 2011 - NAUSET MARSH.  Lunch at the inlet next to a sculpture of found objects.  Grey seals.  Sunset from Rock Harbor.  1+ hour walk on Coast Guard Beach under moonlight.      
    Sep 8, 2011 - LITTLE PLEASANT BAY.  The River.  Sampson & Hog Islands.

  • Sep 7, 2011 - CLIFF POND.  A quickie in Nickerson SP.
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