BASHA KILL paddling

Apr 13, 2015 - BASHA KILL LAKE kayaking, near Wurtsboro. Basha Kill WMA. The lake is a widening of the Basha (aka Basher) Kill; the Long Path passes along its SE shore following an old rr bed. The Shawangunks rise up to its E & hills rise to the W. Best place to launch is on the SE shore. While I ate lunch & got ready, several birders were enjoying the sights; an LLBean kayak landed - the occupant was wearing a PFD (good) but his cotton jeans (bad) were wet up to his knees. Paddled around the lake clockwise with some poking around the islands. Soon saw an eagles' nest in a tall pine. Lots of Canada geese, some nesting already. Painted turtles basked in the sun (temp got up into the low 70s) on logs & hummocks. Noticeable current near the outlet. Saw an immature eagle on a tree branch & 3 mature eagles flew by. Some marshy & brushy areas, water clear & mostly about 2' deep. A muskrat swam across in front of me, got out next to a tree stump & munched on something then casually slid back into the water & swam away. Lots of maple hardwoods along shoreline but also areas of white pines. Not enough room to get under the Haven Rd bridge so did not explore the NE section (would only be a 20' carry across the road). Great blue heron, wood ducks, mergansers, ring-necked ducks, bluebirds, red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows; the sounds of spring peepers. Motors - only electric allowed. 8.4 miles, 4 hours on the water.

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