FORKED LAKE canoeing & camping, Adirondack Park, NY.

Forked Lake article.

Nov 15, 2016 - FORKED LAKE canoe camping from the state campground at its E end. Temp rising to 50F. Paddled to the W end with a side-trip up the Raquette River. Set up camp after a 6.6 mile paddle - nice piney site with fireplace, picnic table & outhouse. Paddled up Brandreth Lake Outlet going over a beaver dam & turning around at a logjam - marshy near its mouth but pine/spruce woods close in upstream. 9.2 miles on day 1. Very quiet except for hunters in motorboat after sunset - no shots. Down to 32F overnite. Broke camp & paddled up the N arm. The channel to Little Forked Lake is fenced off by the Whitneys ( much of the N shore of FL is owned by them). S past Whitney's Camp Deerland & Camp Killoqush then E & back out to the campground along the N shore. Loons in winter plumage (no calls), 5 otters. 11.6 miles on Day 2. Partly cloudy but rain on the drive home.

July 31 & Aug 1, 2016 - RAQUETTE LAKE & FORKED LAKE. RL has a mix of state land & private. Put in on Outlet Bay from bridge On Long Point Rd. Set up camp at 1st lean-to, 1.5 miles. Paddled to Boucher Point - the 3 lean-tos there are close together, no privacy, 2 motorboats & a jetski were parked there. Around the W side of Beecher Island & Bluff Point into Boulder Bay. Paddled up Boulder Brook for 1 mile going over 2 small beaver dams & 1 substantial one. Rained a bit on way back to camp. 2 people in kayaks went by with their paddles upside down! More motors than paddlers. 10.4 miles. Relaxed morning, read (again) some Nessmuk since he spent some time in the area; a group of 6 paddlers passed by followed by 10 more; 1.9 mile paddle out. Short drive to Forked Lake. Paddled W then 1.4 miles up Brandreth Lake Outlet, much shallower than on previous trips & one blockage of trees (easy to carry around) so turned around sooner. Loon with chick. Saw only 1 stationary motorboat fishing on FL. Hung out for a while at a nice campsite on the N shore. 6.1 miles.

Apr 28 & 29, 2013 - FORKED LAKE canoe camping. Camped on island, part of the campground (not open yet, open May 17 - Sep 2) - nice views in all directions incl. Blue Mtn - campsites have firepit, picnic table, outhouse & bear-proof containers. Explored Brandreth Lake Outlet (over 1 beaver dam, turned back at 2nd dam), North Bay Stream (slid over a b dam, lifted over another, view of Owls Head) & Raquette River. Lots of loons & tunes; common mergansers (handsome males), hooded mergansers, deer. Nearby Blue Mtn Lake still had ice on it on the 28th.

Dec 6, 2010 - RAQUETTE RIVER & FORKED LAKE xc skiing. 8" light powder, no base. 2 miles along unplowed Forked Lake Campsite Lane. Carry trail to Pinebrook Leanto at the foot of rapids on the Raquette River - lunch out of the wind. Crossed dam at the foot of the lake - a foot of snow here. Less snow on yellow trail thru campground. Observations: Minerva - dusting; Newcomb - 6"+; Blue Mtn Lake - 6"; Indian Lake 3"; Speculator - dusting; Long, Blue Mtn, Forked, Indian Lakes still mostly ice-free; Lake Durant mostly iced up. Picnicked at a drive-in campsite on the E Br Sacandaga River on way home - temp well below freezing, warmed up some soup over a campfire - have to get acclimated to cold.

Aug 30, 2009 - FORKED LAKE. Paddled up the N arm & took a look at the gate & fence blocking access to Little Forked. Loons, 2 adults 1 chick hung out in view of our backcountry campsite at W end of lake. No bad bugs, cool & windy. In 2 days only saw 1 canoe, 1 kayak, 2 motorboats. Bell Northstar, a 16.5' lightweight canoe.

Jul 30 & 31, 2006 - FORKED LAKE canoe camping. Raquette River upstream to rapids. Brandreth Lake Outlet - able to go up it about 1.5 miles to a small rapid (a short carry leads to more flat water) - lots of flowers. Snapping turtle on rock, beaver, loons, deer. Minimal bad bugs during the day, light mosquito activity after sunset. State land mostly on S shore; private land elsewhere with minimal development (altho the yellow water trampoline at one camp stood out like a sore thumb). Most popular with fishermen in small motorboats, saw 6 canoes in the 2 days & no kayaks; only one other backcountry campsite occupied. 12 + 6.5 miles. Bell Merlin II solo canoe.

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