FALL STREAM canoeing and camping.

JESSUP RIVER WILD FOREST, Adirondack Park, NY. Fall Stream flows into the east end of Piseco Lake.

May 8-9, 2016 - Fall Stream canoe camping. Day 1 - Camped just before Vly Lake after paddling 4.4 miles, the only obstruction being a big beaver dam. Side-trip to boggy Mud Lake (In the Adirondack Park, there are 43 Mud Ponds, 21 Long Ponds, 16 Clear Ponds, 16 Round Ponds, 14 Lost Ponds, 14 Rock Ponds, 14 Deer Ponds, 13 Grass Ponds, 12 Buck Ponds, 10 Lily Pad Ponds & 10 Bear Ponds) from Vly Lake, one small beaver dam to pull over. 7.5 miles for the day. Day 2 - Fall Stream upstream of Vly Lake - paddled 2 miles from Vly Lake, several obstructions (at 0.6 miles carry around 100-yard rapids, soon after 4 trees down across stream; passed Willis Vly outlet at 1 mile; big beaver dam offered deeper water for a while, then at a shallow rocky area beached the canoe & walked 0.2 miles to the bridge on snowmobile trail. Saw 3 otters on the paddle out; harrier, osprey, swallows, yellow warbler, gb herons, rw blackbirds, kingfishers, ducks; heard loon in early morning. 11.3 miles for the day. A few blackflies but not really an issue - it was windy & cool.

Sep 26, 2011 - FALL STREAM. Had to get out for a shallow rocky spot, beaver dams exist but all were small or breached & no need to get out of the canoe. Varied shoreline from grass to trees, 2 tall pines stand up way above everything else. Mallards; loon on Vly Lake as we lunched at a campsite. More biting flies today, another unusually warm sunny day. Tandem paddled the Reflection 15. 5.5 hours.

Sep 5 & 6, 2010 - FALL STREAM upstream from Piseco. Had 2 beaver dams to get out for (other dams breached, I suspect motorboaters have been taking them apart, water level 1'-2' lower than I've seen before) in the 4.5 miles to Vly Lake. Motorboat at campsite a bit before Vly Lake. The channel into Mud Lake was initially shallow but got better as we hopped over some beaver dams. Mud is a pretty boggy-shored pond, we found the only route to some dry upland for a lunchbreak. Back to Vly & campsite at the N end which has a nice view to the W (hills rise over 1,000' above the lake) across the water, 2 motorboats at the other campsite. After a relatively quiet night & a misty morning we paddled further upstream on Fall Stream, now much narrower than the section below Vly Lake. Soon go over a big beaver dam & water levels became better. We passed the site of a hunter's campsite which had stacks of firewood. More dams & obstructions, the forest closed in & we reached a rapid. Carried the 100' past it & we had more flat water. Passed junction with Willis Vly Outlet. 2 hours after leaving Vly Lake we turned around. Altho the sandy-bottomed stream was getting shallower we could have continued further upstream. Took 1.5 hours to get back to Vly, delayed somewhat by a capsize & recovery (Nehasane to the rescue) after going over a large downed tree. Broke camp & paddled out. Goldenrod & cardinal flower colored the shores; a hint of fall color in the trees.

Jul 12, 2009 - FALL STREAM, Piseco. Water level on the high side & we were able to paddle up & over the half dozen beaver dams between Fall & Vly Lakes - can not say that for everyone in our group as a couple of solo canoeists had "incidents". Some private land early on then wild state land rest of trip. Joe-pye-weed blooming. Lunched at a campsite on the only high & dry ground on Vly (nice view) then explored Mud Lake & its boggy shores; pitcher plants, bog rosemary, pink orchids (rose pogonia?). Gb herons, osprey, cedar waxwings, kingbirds; sounds of white-throated sparrow, chicadee, thrush. 11.7 miles, 6.25 hours. Bell Chestnut Prospector, 16' canoe, just loves this stuff!

Jul 23, 2006 - FALL STREAM, near Piseco. Upstream from Old Piseco Rd, Fall Stream is a scenic & varied flatwater stream. ~6 beaver dams to go over (all runnable downstream) & one log. One johnboat with motor got thru, otherwise wilderness level is very good. After lunch on Vly Lake we found the channel to Mud Lake which deserves a much nicer name - boggy shores include "fields" of flowering pitcher plants. Deer seen on Vly Lake. Moderate mosquito activity on shore & some deer flies on water as we got more sun & air heated up. 11 miles, 6.2 hours. Bell Northwind, a 17'6" composite tandem canoe. After the main trip switched to a Dagger Reflection 16 (made of Royalex) & ran the rapids (class 2+/easy class 3) under the road bridge.....twice!! Stayed to river right - water high due to rains, had to watch head going under old wood bridge before going under road bridge.

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