FLOODWOOD PONDS canoeing, hiking and camping

Saranac Lakes Wild Forest. MAP.

Sep 11, 2016 - Gusty winds forecasted (3rd day of the 90-miler race was cancelled today). Pond-bagging loop hike past POLLIWOG POND, LITTLE POLLIWOG POND, HORSESHOE POND, FOLLENSBY CLEAR POND, FISH CREEK, FLOODWOOD POND & MIDDLE POND. S on blue trail, N on red trail, final mile on Floodwood Rd past Middle Pond (adult & juvenile loons dove). 8.6 miles, 4.4 hours. Sunset Paddle on POLLIWOG POND. Some maples turning color - red & purple. Bald eagle, loons (incl. juvenile). No bad bugs.

Sep 10, 2016 - POLLIWOG POND camping & canoeing. Short windy paddle on this pine-ringed pond. Some drive-in campsites & some paddle-to campsites. It was a dark & stormy night. Good looning.

Sep 4 & 5, 2015 - Floodwood Pond to Fish Creek to Little Square Pond (camp), Whey Pond, Rollins Pond back to Floodwood. Fish Creek to Follensby Clear Pond (motorboat with trailer stopped at carry to Horseshoe Pond, so we did not).

May 11, 2014 - FLOODWOOD LOOP. Gusty wind, temp in mid-60s. Floodwood Pond, light current on Fish Creek, short carry to Follensby Clear Pond, short carry to Horseshoe Pond, short carry to Little Polliwog Pond, short carry to Polliwog Pond where we had spotted a car. Camped on Middle Pond - I've wanted to camp there for a long time but it has always been occupied, until today. Loons, turtles, mergansers, white-throated sparrows & other songbirds. No biting bugs. 4 hours. Swift Keewaydin 15, a lightweight solo canoe.

Sep 2, 2013 - POLLIWOG POND, LITTLE POLLIWOG, HORSESHOE & FOLLENSBY CLEAR PONDS. Short portages so left yoke for Keewaydin 15 back in camp. 2 loons (1 juvenile) on Little Polliwog (nice bog vegetation), 1 on Horseshoe, several on FCP (1 juvenile). Clear water. Very light mosquito activity. 3 hours. RnR in camp. Storm in evening, cleared by sunset.

Sep 1 - POLLIWOG POND. Just S of Floodwood Rd (dirt). Got nice campsite with sand beach. Loons; water smartweed (flower cluster <1"). After sunset paddle to W lobe. Storm at night.

May 6&7, 2012 - FISH CREEK LOOPS from Floodwood Rd. Floodwood Pond (camp), Fish Creek, Little Square, Copperas, Whey, Rollins, Rock Ponds. Fish Creek, Follensby Clear, Horseshoe, Little Polliwog, Polliwog, Middle, Floodwood Ponds. Mostly undeveloped, clear water, some other folks out paddling but very few camping. Mostly bad bug free - a few blackflies on land in the late afternoon - one tried to bite me in the parking area - she is dead now... Music by loons, white-throated sparrows, owls, pileated woodpeckers, spring peepers...

May 4&5, 2008 - FLOODWOOD PONDS canoe camping - short carries (100yd avg), beautiful ponds with clear waters. Put-in from Floodwood Rd, paddled short distance to campsite on Floodwood Pond (some cottages on W shore but most of pond undeveloped). After setting up camp, paddled down Fish Creek, around Little Square Pond, further down Fish Creek, into Copperas Pond, carried 0.3 miles to Whey Pond, short carry across campground road to Rollins Pond. Followed W shore to stay out of W wind. Narrow outlet leads back to Floodwood. 10 miles, 3.5+ hours. Next day: down Fish Creek all the way to Fish Creek Ponds (only part of trip where there is moderate development), up Spider Creek, into Follensby Clear Pond, short carry to Horseshoe Pond where we had lunch & soaked in some sun. Short carry to Little Polliwog Pond then carry to Polliwog Pond. Carry back to Follensby Clear, carry to Fish Creek & back upstream to break camp. 14 miles, 6+ hours. No bad bugs. Loons (& calls), marsh hawks, otter. Bell Northstar, a 16'6" lightweight tandem canoe which can be soloed.

Sep 18, 2006 - FLOODWOOD MOUNTAIN hike. Views from summit of Rollins Pond; Long Pond, St. Regis & Debar Mts. to the NE. From S summit open rock affords views toward Tupper Lake. Maples offered some good late summer fall foliage colors. 600' el. gain, 3 miles, 2.8 hours. EAST & WEST PINE PONDS canoeing. Start on East Pine Pond which is right next to Floodwood Rd. Short but very steep up & down carry to scenic West Pine - overlooked by Floodwood Mtn. E half is state land (a campsite is on N shore), W half belongs to Floodwood Boy Scouts. Investigated a small wood tower which unfortunately for me had a hornets nest at top - I scooted down the steps & dove into the water (good thing the camera in my pocket is waterproof) but still ended up with a dozen stings, somehow hurt my achilles tendon in the process too & going back over the carry was not easy. 3 miles, 1.5 hours.

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