Sep 26, 2015 - OSWEGATCHIE RIVER upstream from the end of Inlet Rd in Fine. Five Ponds Wilderness Area. Water level low. Soon arrived at shallow rocky area, Bee Bee Rapid - best route close to shore on river L (on the R going upstream) then a breached beaver dam. Bear paw prints in the sand at Sam's Curve. Straight of the Woods. 3.6 miles to High Rock, nice view from 25' above the river. Griffin Rapids (not really rapids) in front of lean-to (site 38) - at top of rapids a shallow rocky section in front of site 37 was lined by some. Cage Lake Springhole (aka Buck Brook) Lean-to at 6.7 miles. Alders for a while then shores are high & treed - beautiful. Lined up Round Hill Rapids to footbridge (can also do a short carry on river L thru site 23). 10 miles & 6+! hours to campsite #22, the site of Walter Moore's (lumber) Camp, just past the footbridge. Sunny with temp in 60's.

Sep 27 - BIG SHALLOW POND hike, one of the 5 Ponds. The trail roughly parallels Wolf Creek for over a mile then pulls away to cross Big Shallow Outlet & follow that to the lean-to at the lovely pond with steep side of esker on N side. Saw 4 ducks (long-tailed?). 4 miles round-trip. Paddled upstream to scenic HIGH FALLS. I (a single-blader) got up Crooked Rapids but the rest of the gang (all double-bladers) needed help. Lots of tall white pines. Some beaver dams to go over. Moss Rock. 4 miles round-trip. Full moon eclipse that evening from the other side of the footbridge near camp. Sunny with temp in 70s, Low in 40s overnight.

Sep 28 - OSWEGATCHIE RIVER return. Ran Round Hill Rapids empty then loaded gear. Stopped at both lean-tos on the way back. Mostly cloudy but overnight low was in the mid 50s. Maples close to peak with purple, lots of red, orange, yellow & green; birch & beech still green. Quick cool swim in the river before going home. 10 miles, 4.5 hours.

Sep 23&24, 2012 - OSWEGATCHIE RIVER. Upstream against a fair current, mostly flat water, lots of twists & turns. High Rock. Griffin Rapids lean-to (not on the Adirondack Paddler's Map but newly refurbished). Buck Brook lean-to (lunch). Alders on shores for much of 1st half, gives way to higher drier banks with mixed woods with some very tall white pines in 2nd half. Lined up class I Round Hill Rapids immediately before the footbridge. Lined up another rapid ~0.5 miles beyond the footbridge. Had to get out for 3 beaver dams, poled up 3 others (others did more lift-overs than I did). 13 miles, 7.3 hours. Spent the night in the N lean-to at High Falls. Day 2: The day started out on an incendiary note when Benni's old Svea stove blew up.

5.3 hours (& less effort) to go back downstream stopping at both lean-tos & scouting out 3 other campsites. Was able to run or scoot over all beaver dams without having to get out. The O is always a great wilderness trip. Very nice fall foliage. Grey jays, wood ducks, gb herons, red-tailed hawk; chipmunks by day, mice by night at lean-tos - hang up all food or use a bear canister. Asters added some more color to shores. Wenonah Wilderness, a 15'4" solo canoe, was a very good choice, Royalex version for max durability.

Oct 7-11, 2006 - OSWEGATCHIE RIVER canoe camping. To the source or bust! Foliage well past peak. 60 beaver dams between put-in & the sources.

Oct 11 - Paddled the 15+ miles out in 5.5 hours with lunch at Cage Lake Springhole leanto which had been refurbished this year. Nehasanemobile was the only car left in the parking area.

Oct 10 - Day trip - Upstream, stopped at Deer Camp (camped there on a thru trip in the past). Passed Beaverdam & Headwaters Carry & ~1.5 miles further upstream, explored 2 branches. Easterly one petered out; westerly one ended at a beaver pond. 30 beaver dams en route.

Oct 9 - 9 beaver dams, couple of short class 1/1+ rapids to go up in the 2 miles to spectacular High Falls. Carried around falls & had lunch on top. 2 more miles, 9 more beaver dams to Camp Johnny (#11).

Oct 8 - Upstream 11 miles to campsite #22 just past footbridge. 2 1' beaver dams of note (1st comes soon into trip - we paddled up it on 3rd try), couple of log jams, Round Hill Rapid just before footbridge is best poled up. Stopped at High Rock for view, leanto at Griffin Rapids (no rapids) for lunch. Saw a canoe go by late afternoon - we were not to see any more people for rest of trip ~70 hours.

Oct. 7 - Stopped at new The Wild Center nature museum in Tupper Lake - spent about 1.5 hours (could easily have spent twice that) - not real big but very well done - the otter was great to watch. Camped at put-in at Inlet Landing - ~7 cars in parking area.

Lake Lila to Lows Lake Oswegatchie traverse trip.

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