Aug 26, 2013 - DEER CREEK near Pulaski NY. Deer Creek Marsh WMA. Winding creek with wooded shores at first (some big oaks) then opens up thru cattail marsh & ends between dunes. After ~3 miles a 50' pebble & sand beach blocks the outlet to Lake Ontario, windy today making for 5' surf so stayed off the lake, some development S on the lake otherwise no development on the route. Lots of interesting flowers like yesterday incl. 8" pink flowers of swamp rose-mallow. Paddled 10 mins. upstream of the Rt.3 put-in & turned around at a hornets' nest overhanging the narrowing creek. 4.3 hours.

Aug 25, 2013 - LAKEVIEW WMA near Pulaski NY. Lakeview Pond, S on a narrow channel to Sandy Creek, channel to Floodwood Pond, Lake Ontario (light wind, 1' surf so paddled a bit on the lake N & S of the outlet, long break on the long soft sand beach), South Sandy Creek (a couple of jetskis went by, otherwise fairly quiet in the WMA), N Colwell Pond, S Colwell Pond to its SW & Lake Ontario beach with lots of people due to being close to a nearby launch spot on SCP. Back to LP in a more direct route. Lots of poison ivy on the dunes; swamp smartweed (pink flower cluster), fragrant water lily, arrowheads, bullhead-lily, horned bladderwort, goldenrod, bindweed (morning glory), purple loosestrife, pickerelweed, Joe-Pye-weed, bur-reed, cattails. Love this area. 7.5 hours.

Aug 13, 2012 - LAKEVIEW WMA from Lakeview Pond (more open water than the other ponds). Lilypad filled channel to Sandy Creek. Connector to Mud Brook (much lilypads). Down to Floodwater Pond. Lake Ontario - playing in the surf. Lunch on south beach. Up South Sandy Creek. Narrow connector to shallow North Colwell Pond (half lilypad filled). Back to Lakeview Pond. Harrier, kingbirds. Lovely area - enjoyed it immensely. 5.6 hours.

Aug 12, 2012 - LAKEVIEW WMA on E shore of Lake Ontario NNW of Pulaski NY. Camped at Selkirk Shores State Park (campsites have no privacy but had sights & surf sounds of Lake Ontario, a lot less people on Sunday night). South Sandy Creek from Rt.3 - fairly wide & clear of vegetation. Goose Pond - only able to poke in a bit before there was too much vegetation. Floodwater Pond - semi-open water amongst lilypads, shallow. Out to Lake Ontario & playing in the waves, surf up to 4'. Lunch on north shore. Miles of sand beach, dunes separate lake from marsh. Sandy Creek (fairly wide) upstream until we saw houses (most of trip undeveloped). Up channel toward Lakeview Pond & stopped at lookout platform (not a good landing) with view of the lake on one side & the marsh on the other. Out on South Sandy Creek. Cattails, arrowhead (2 types), yellow pond lily, white fragrant lily, floating hearts, pickerelweed, purple loosestrife & lots more flowers. Gulls, terns, sandpipers, plovers, swallows, gb herons, kingfishers. 5.5 hours. Dagger Alchemy 14.0, a most versatile 14' kayak.


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