LITTLE TUPPER LAKE & ROCK POND canoe camping. Adirondack Park.

William C. Whitney Wilderness Area.

Sep 14, 2017 - Rain at start! Campsites 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18 taken so I settled for #19 on an island after paddling 2.5 hours; passed 11 loons along the way. #19 has a small shady beach landing, some rocks on S & W sides for hanging out, a nice thunderbox, but the actual camping area is rooty & lumpy & Feng Shui is somewhat lacking. Long-lasting sunset. Day 2: Paddled S of Short Island & over to the Camp Bliss campsite. Took a walk looking for Bum Pond (no trail markers nor signs after the 1 by the lake) - at an intersection took a L & soon returned - did not find the pond, think I should have bore R & looked L; mosquitoes. 1.8 mile walk. Back on the lake & up Rock Pond Outlet; maples were blazing red. Took a R at #24 & headed up Bum Pond outlet, picking cranberries before 1st beaver dam at 0.2 mi. Continued over 5 more b dams, into tamarack/black spruce swamp & reached a beaver pond with drowned trees after 0.9 miles - pretty cool remote spot, have since looked at the satellite view; paddled the pond a half mile. Finally, a mostly cloudless day. 10 miles, 8.2 paddling, 6 hours. Day 3: Paddled around the islands & poked up Antediluvian Pond outlet lifting over 1 b dam. 1.8 hours. A swim from camp beach (you get over the initial shock in under a minute) & hanging out on rocks in the pm. Group of 6 loons swam by making their little hoots. Day 4: a group of 12 loons go hooting by the island. 3.4 miles, 65 mins. back to the put-in. Swim at the beach. Foggy mornings.

May 22 & 23, 2016 - LITTLE TUPPER LAKE canoe camping. Only 1 vehicle in parking lot from NY, 3 from VT, 1 from CT. Paddled down S shore; stopped to set up camp at Eagle Point which has good views from sand beach on E side & pebble beach on W side. Continued past islands & up a half mile on Rock Pond Outlet - leatherleaf & bog-rosemary flowering; spotted a northern harrier. Back to camp along N shore - view to the Sewards. Morning fog. Paddled up Otter Pond Outlet (N of campsites 2 & 3) 0.7 miles with boggy shores (incl. cranberry), up over a beaver dam, then 0.25 miles more to the Burn Road trail - saw 2 snapping turtles on the way. Stopped for lunch on the rocks at campsite #6. Took a quick dip but water still on the cold side. NE wind picked up in the afternoon, waves under 1'. Blackflies were there but tolerable; no mosquitoes. Loons. Hobblebush & shadbush flowering. 18.6 miles in 2 days.

May 17 & 18, 2015 - LITTLE TUPPER LAKE & ROCK POND. Turning off Rt.30 onto Sabattis Rd & there is a moose crossing the road - what a great start!! Sunday, wind 0-5 mph - Paddled down the S shore of LTL going in & out of the islands - 2 paddlers were heading out & they were the only other folks that we saw over the 2 days. At 4.6 miles turned into Rock Pond Outlet & paddled upstream past boggy shores (leatherleaf flowering & sheep laurel starting to) for 1.5 miles. Carried 100 yards (always admire that tall white pine) & put back in next to dilapidated bridge. Entering RP one notices an osprey nest. Visited all the campsites on RP & chose campsite #25 - most others only could fit 1 or 2 tents, we had 3. Hung out & swam from the nice rock area in front of the campsite. Wore the Original Bugshirt for a time. Sunset paddle. Monday, S winds 5-15mph - Paddled up the inlet of RP for 2 miles going over a dozen beaver dams - no posted signs so not sure if we left state land - turned around at a log jam. Checked out the new start of the carry to Hardigan Pond (a little N of the old one, supposed to be less wet). Headed out near the N shore of LTL, waves less than a foot, saw a group of 17 ducks (scoters?). Loons, gulls (a gull chased an osprey across the pond but backed off when 2 more osprey came in to help out), doe & fawn. Blackflies were bearable - not super hungry, some light swarming - used Cutter Advanced picardin spray on Monday (I like that it is unscented & non-greasy, feels nicer than DEET). 25 miles in 2 days. Swift Keewaydin 15 solo canoe.

In the Adirondack Park, there are 43 Mud Ponds, 21 Long Ponds, 16 Clear Ponds, 16 Round Ponds, 14 Lost Ponds, 14 Rock Ponds, 14 Deer Ponds, 13 Grass Ponds, 12 Buck Ponds, 10 Lily Pad Ponds & 10 Bear Ponds.

Aug 30 & 31, 2015 - LITTLE TUPPER LAKE. Happy to get my favorite campsite near the far end of this 6-mile-long lake. Paddled around the islands & part-way up Rock Pond Outlet + 0.2 miles up Bum Pond Outlet (saw cranberries). Very quiet evening, not much loon activity. Paddled up Charley Pond Outlet to the bridge & walked the overgrown trail a short distance. Poked up Otter Pond Outlet on the way out. 15mph W wind created 1' waves for a bouncy ride out. Beaches for swimming. White-throated sparrows boldly walked into camp, group of 16 mergansers passed by.

May 5 & 6, 2014 - LITTLE TUPPER LAKE canoe camping.  Wanted to go to CEDAR RIVER FLOW but heard that the dirt road is closed for at least a few more days.  Gorgeous weather in mid-70s.  Had our pick of campsites on Sunday - saw 4 canoes Sunday & had the area to ourselves Monday until 2 day-tripping kayakers paddled past.  Minimal bad bugs, saw a few blackflies but no need for protection.  100 yard carry to Rock Pond; ospreys (one on nest).  Charlie Pond Outlet; snapping turtle.  Lots of vocal loons.  Went swimming from campsite - water surprisingly warmer than normal for this time of year - it also helps that LTL is a shallow lake.   

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