SCHROON RIVER paddling, eastern Adirondacks.

July 13, 2014 - SCHROON RIVER & LAKE thru trip from Rt.9 bridge below Schroon Falls, a class III drop, to the town beach.  Park just off Rt.9 on River Rd, 100 yard carry to bottom of rapids to start.  Shallow sand/pebbly bottom, light to moderate current, 50'-100' wide.  The river passes some cottages & a couple of campgrounds but maintains a fairly wild feel.  Lots of nice sandy banks for breaks.  No development from 2nd bridge to the lake.  Half mile side-trip up Alder Creek, had to first go over 2 small beaver dams - much pickerelweed, yellow pond lily, rose mallow, Joe-Pye-weed, swamp candles.  Last mile across the lake with 15-20 mph S wind made interesting with waves in the 1.5' range - the Prospector canoe handled things with aplomb.  Merganser chicks, black ducks, kingfishers, pileated woodpecker, white-throated sparrow.  10.8 miles, 4.2 hours.

Jun 20, 2010 - SCHROON RIVER from Horicon boat launch at S end of Schroon Lake (parking may not be allowed unless you have a trailer - beware).  Downstream.  Jenks Swamp is quite interesting & has some distant mountain views.  Quite a few cottages, some motorboats (going slowly, all wave to us), roadnoise (never too far from the Northway).  Lots of yellow & white lilies.  4.5 hours.  Across the street from the boat launch is a sandy beach on the river - good for a swim.  

  Jul 26, 2009 - SCHROON RIVER, Schroon Falls to town boat launch on Schroon Lake.  Schroon Falls is a class 3 drop under Rt.9 bridge, skipped that but did the short class 2 section below it (one can launch below the rapids) - rest of trip flatwater with moderate current, river ~50' wide.  Some cottages & a couple of campgrounds along the way but also much undeveloped wooded shoreline - can't quite get away from distant hum of traffic, Rt.9 & I-87 less than mile away.  Nice sandy banks for breaks; sometimes could see Hoffman Mtn behind us & sometimes in front.  Half hour side-trip up Alder Creek filled with purple-flowered pickerelweed - went over 2 small beaver dams before turning around at a house.  15-20mph south winds (long fetch) on the lake, some surf in shallows where river runs into the lake - wind waves 1'+, boat wakes 2' added to the excitement - the Prospector came thru dry & handled very impressively.  11+ miles, 4+ hours.

May 18, 2008 - SCHROON RIVER whitewater canoeing from Starbuckville dam to Riverbank.  Light development.  Riverbank gauge at a hair over 3'.  Several class 2 rapids, a class 2+ & a class 3.  Nehasane & Pinkpartner take a swim on the latter, throw rope came in perfectly but thrower did not have feet planted well & had to let go so we had to swim further; portage trail on river L.  Items needed & used: floatation bags, dry bag, bailer, throw rope/bag, helmet, wet or dry suit.  7 miles, 3.5 hours. 



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