BOG RIVER - HITCHINS POND canoeing. Adirondack Park.

May 3&4, 2015 - BOG RIVER canoe camping from Lows Lower Dam.  The gate at the start of the dirt road to the dam had been opened just a day or 2 ago.  Side-trip of 1.3 miles up Horseshoe Lake outlet to Horseshoe Lake Rd, 2 beaver dams.  Hitchins Pond campsite #6.  1.3 mile (one way) hike from HP up to Low's Ridge (gain of 400') with lots of trout lilies blooming - awesome view with Bog River below & snowy Marcy & Algonquin in the far distance.  Full moonrise.  Saw a few other people, most heading out.  Day 2 - Paddled the perimeter of Hitchins poking into inlet at N end for a quarter mile.  Then, 1 mile up unnamed stream S going over about 10 beaver dams & approaching the rr tracks - turned around where a stream (outlet of Little Trout Pond) comes in from the E thru a culvert under the tracks.  Day 2 had gusty winds, both days temp in the 70s.  Mosquitoes, bald eagles, loons, osprey, otters, deer; also sounds of grouse drumming, woodpeckers tapping, spring peepers  - no sign of blackflies.  Leatherleaf blooming at water's edge.  Took a quick refreshing clean-up dip at the take-out.  On the drive out: there was a spine of snow to the side of CR 421 so I got out the skis.  


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