Mar 1, 2019 – MacINTYRE WEST ski, from Bradley Pond trailhead. High Peaks Wilderness. 6” powder on crunchy base, a bit sticky in the sun. At 1.8 miles, snowshoe-packed blue trail turns R – I continued straight ahead breaking trail on the Upper Rd. Passed old register box for the Santanoni Club at 2.2 miles – I picked up a map of the trail network here in 2016, none this time. Mostly uphill, but trail is wide & smooth (like Camp Santanoni). Most camps have been removed but I saw 3 that remain as of now, 1st at 3.4 miles. At 3rd camp, 3.6 miles, I turned L on Lake Trail (no signs or markers), soon reaching a clearing where a camp had been – great view of Santanoni Peak. Gain of over 500' from start. Went a little further, the route to Lake Andrew becomes more trail-like & less road-like, turned around before the lake. View of Algonquin/Colden/Marcy from top of hill on way back. 8 miles.
Reports to come but here is a map, there are a lot of trails in there, Upper Rd comes in from Bradley Pond trailhead in Tahawus:
2-1-2016 Upper Rd to Lake Trail & Lake Andrew + Bowl Trail.
2-21-2016 Upper Rd to Doodle Bug Trail.


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