West of Long Lake, Adirondack Park. The scouts are selling this area to a private buyer & the sale is to be finalized in August 2019.


Feb 20, 2019 - Parking lot was not plowed so I parked as far as I could on side of the narrow (about 1.9 car widths wide!) road. 0.35 miles N on the road then L past gate on Fish Camp Trail (unmarked, no signs), a wide woods road. Carry to Mud Pond ends at 0.75 miles. Crossed McRorie Lake outlet & carry trails between Mud Pond & McRorie Lake at 1.3 miles. Passed trail to Mud Lake Mtn (blue markers) at 2.25 miles. Got to the new (built in 2017) lean-to at 3.1 miles - nice spot overlooking the lake - view to the E of Kempshall Mtn (3,346"). Headed back across the lake for the views of Rock Pond & Mud Lake Mtns. Picked up my tracks E of the outlet. 4" powder on deep base - very good skiing, easy breaking trail. Very gentle terrain good for beginners. 6.1 miles.

Oct 1, 2012 - CEDARLANDS, W of Long Lake. Public Access to McRorie Aug 20 thru June 23 - scouts have it most of summer altho resident camp was cancelled this year due to lack of funds, staff & attendees. The public is allowed to access the Mud Pond area year round. 0.7 miles carry on dirt roads to MUD POND. Bald eagle. Up the shallow inlet. 0.3 mile carry to McRORIE LAKE (aka Rock Pond) - when you reach the dirt road take a L, cross bridge then in 75' look R for 200' path to put-in on the outlet (this junction was unmarked, some blowdown blocked the way & I missed it at 1st). Paddled 5 miles along the circumference of the lake. Mt Masters dominates. Evergreens incl. cedars on shoreline, gorgeous multi-colored hillsides at peak. Loon, mergansers. Camping not currently allowed. O.A. OVERLOOK on MUD POND MTN (aka O.A. Mtn), a very steep 35 min. lung-busting climb, 25 min. knee-busting descent - used route from western bay mentioned in Phil Brown's new book - gain of 675' in under a mile - worth the effort with view of the Santanonis, Kempshall & Goodnow Mtns, the Fishing Brook Range & parts of Long Lake. 6.1 hours.

Info & map.


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