Water levels above 2 feet at Burtonsville gauge recommended for skilled whitewater paddlers - flatwater paddlers may want to try Middleburgh downstream when Burtonsville gauge reads 1.5-2 feet.

May 3, 2020 - From Schoharie County Fire Wire: This is not a press release of the 2 rescues which did took place on Sunday May 3rd. But a PSA to help try and prevent someone from getting killed out on the Schoharie Creek south of the Middleburgh bridge/park. This post is to help point out a current problem. For those that dont know Schoharie Creek runs north. We have posted 3 pictures to point out the current location of this water hazard. Due to current water levels being high at this time. The current hazard is located at 42.5783211, -74.3544897 on the creek. In the photos the blue line represents the main channel, red line the hazard area and the green lines where the creek is flowing due to the high water levels. As illustrated in photo #1 marks the GPS location of a hazard.

In illustration #2 The hazard (Red) may present itself as the right path to take or due to the water current pushes boaters into it on the bend where the main channel (Blue) goes left. In this hazardous area, is a large tree down and across this section of the creek with a good stream of water leading to it. Which will suck your boat under! In illustration #3 We highlighted in (Green) all fingers of the creeks path its currently is taken due to the creek running high. The members of the Middleburgh Fire Department, Schoharie County Emergency Services Search & Rescue Team, MEVAC & Scho-Wright did a topnotch job with both rescues on May 3rd. The second rescue did have the response from neighboring Montgomery County Shift-Water Rescue Team and a member of the NYS DHSES. Please feel free to share and also know that there may be many other areas with hazards along the creek. This has just been one that needs to be addressed for boaters n rescues safety.

April 17, 2016 - Schoharie Creek kayaking, Middleburgh to Esperance Fishing Access downstream of Central Bridge. Class 1 rapids, riffles & some long stretches of flatwater past flatland farms & wooded hills. Lots of mergansers, a snake in the water, an eagles' nest. Air up to 70 degrees, water temp in the 40s. Most years the water is a murky red/brown but today a clear green. Burtonsville gauge at 1.5' - some shallow rocky rapids. 15 miles, 5.6 hours.

Jul 5, 2015 - SCHOHARIE CREEK from Rt.30 in Middleburgh to Esperance Fishing Access Site on Rt.30A in Sloansville. Burtonsville gauge at 1.76'; Breakabeen gauge at 2.96' - a very nice level (& rare in summer). Class I rapids, riffles, quickwater & some long stretches of slowwater. Woods & fields, a few houses; lush vegetation. 3 or 4 spots with playable waves. Whitetail doe & fawns early, eagle on nest half way thru trip. 14.5 miles, 5.2 hours (incl. an hour-long lunch break).

Apr 15, 2013 - SCHOHARIE CREEK kayaking from Rt. 30 bridge in North Blenheim (just below the site of the old covered bridge that got wiped out by Irene) to Rt. 30 bridge in Middleburgh.  Not long before we had to go over an unexpected man-made 3' drop!  Next few rapids are class II (watch out for strainers); rapids getting easier as the trip went on but there is another class II after the creek goes under the 2nd Rt. 30 bridge just before a picnic area.  One can avoid the worst of the rapids by putting-in at the North Blenheim Fishing Access Site on Rt. 30 N of the village. A very scenic valley.  Walhalla Rocks - a shale cliff rising 600' above the creek.  Vroman's Nose.  Burtonsville gauge at 2.7' (best run at 1.5-2.0'), Breakabeen at 4.6' - on the high side & fairly strong current.  Water temp in the 40s - best be wearing a wet or dry suit - a swim is very likely for those with little whitewater experience.  15.3 miles, 5.4 hours (w/2 good breaks).  Dagger Axis 12 kayak with added bow flotation bags.

May 28, 2012 - SCHOHARIE CREEK from Middleburgh to Sloansville (Esperence Fishing Access Site on Rt.30A).  Water levels: Breakabeen 2.6', Burtonsville 1.6' - a bit bumpy in a couple of rapids but ok.  Interesting to see the creek post-Irene.  Some class 1 rapids, riffles & long stretches of flatwater.  Some light development.  ~2.2 miles in there are strainers in the deep water on the R - we lined the boats in the shallows on the L - the L might be runnable with 6" more water.  Other strainers easily avoidable by skilled paddlers.  Cottonball-like pollen snowing down from cottonwoods.  Saw bald eagles munching on a fish on rock in middle of river, sandpipers, red-tailed hawks, merganser families, owl.  14 miles, 4 hours (short lunch break).  Dagger Axix 10.5 - does not flat spin as well as the Approach but turns easily when edged & is faster on the flats. 

Apr 27, 2008 - SCHOHARIE CREEK canoeing.  From N Blenheim Covered Bridge to Rt.30 bridge in Middleburgh.  First few rapids close to class 2 at this water level; then mostly class 1, scratchy riffles & lots of flatwater.  Very scenic valley, cliffs, steep hills, Vroman's Nose.  After 1st bridge one paddles next to cliff of Walhalla Rocks.  Water level at Breakabeen 3.6', Burtonsville 1.4' - this is about as low as is runnable.  14 miles, 5.7 hours.

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