KUNJAMUK RIVER paddling, Adirondack Park

Nov 18, 2016 - KUNJAMUK RIVER canoeing, Speculator. Put in on Duck/Kunjamuk Bay. Water level fairly high thanks to recent rain. Soon hit our 1st beaver dam on this twisty stream, there is a good sneak route around it on river L. Had to get out for 3 more beaver dams & just paddled hard up a couple more. Stopped for lunch on W shore of Elm Lake; there are 3 camps on the E shore. Going downstream, had to get out for 1.5 beaver dams & ran the rest; faster thanks to the current. Ducks, chickadees. Temp rising thru the 50's, no wind. 5.1 hours.

Aug 21, 2016 - SACANDAGA & KUNJAMUK RIVERS. 5.5 miles. Put in at Kunjamuk Bay & paddled downstream on the Sac for 1.5 miles - one small class 1 rapid taken on river R. Pretty but too close to road. Back to the bay & up the Kunjamuk soon having to go around a 2.5' beaver dam. Stopped for lunch 1.25 miles upstream. Rain in the forecast so headed out. Otters. Some mosquitoes at the take-out.

Jul 19, 2015 - UPPER KUNJAMUK from Long Level Rd in Speculator Tree Farm. From Old Rt.30 drove up dirt Fly Creek Rd (rough, high clearance desirable) for 3.5 miles then L on Long Level to bridge; drove out on dirt Elm Lake Rd (longer but much smoother). Paddled upstream for 3.6 miles, just past where I put in last Oct 5. Went over at least a dozen beaver dams. Very scenic as mountains rise up over 1,000' above the stream, shores varied from grassy to wooded. Great views of cliffs on Big Pine Mtn. Some deerflies while on the water, a few mosquitoes when I stopped for lunch. Continued below the bridge for 0.6 miles, over a beaver dam & small tree, under another tree & turned back at a logjam. Shallower & a bit more current in this section. Lots of flowers, butterflies & damselflies. 8.1 miles, 4.7 hours.

Oct 5, 2014 - UPPER KUNJAMUK RIVER.  From Old Route 30 6.2 mile drive on Fly Creek Rd, a fair dirt road in the Speculator Tree Farm.  Drove past the Long Level Bridge to gate near where there used to be a bridge across the river.  Breezy & temp barely reached 50F.  Paddled upstream 1.4 miles, going over 4 beaver dams, to old fish barrier dam (now on state land), not maintained by humans but beavers have helped keep it up, a campsite & jeep road to the W.  Paddled around the shallow 1.3 -mile-long flow above the dam, many white pines along shoreline.  Saw lots of ducks, a gaggle of geese, 2 otters, northern harrier & a beaver on top of his lodge.  Had trouble finding the KR upstream in marshy area to the NE. Returned past my put-in & 1.3 miles further downstream going over one beaver dam & turning around at another.  Views of the cliffs on Upper Pine Mtn close-by to the E;  Doug & East Mtns prominent to the SW.  River here is fairly deep & 20' to 30' wide with lots of backwaters.  Shores are varied, very scenic area - I need to explore more of the river from here down to Elm Lake.  8.2 miles, 4.5 hours.  Camped at Mason Lake (limited primitive camping, most of the old on-water campsites have been closed, map) - saw an adult loon & one juvenile, no sounds other than owls.  Could hear logging activities early Monday morning.


Speculator area paddling article.


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