Oct 5-7, 2018 LITTLE POND camping.

Jul 29, 2018 - LITTLE POND & PORCUPINE LOOKOUT hike, Woodford VT. Green Mountain NF. More often a ski trip for me but it's good to see what everything looks like in other seasons. From Rt. 9, gravel road past some houses up to power line - good view E to Mts Snow & Haystack. Old dirt road, FR 275, with lots of mud puddles. Entered the Glastenbury Wilderness at 2.3 miles - more like a regular trail now. Little Pond (2,602') is cute, saw some ducks (mergansers?). There is a good campsite among sugar maples at the end of the trail. Backtrack a bit then W on connector trail (new sign) to the AT/LT then (at another new sign) L or S to Porcupine Lookout (2,800') - nice view of Haystack + the newly expanded Searsburg Wind Farm (11 turbines, almost 200' tall, were built on Mt. Waldo in 1997, more in the past year, some across the road) - no other signs of civilization. Back on the old dirt road. Wood thrush song, a few blueberries & raspberries, no bad bugs, shark. 7 miles, 5 hours. 

Mar 29, 2015 - LITTLE POND, PORCUPINE LOOKOUT & HELL HOLLOW BROOK. Path & off-trail to LP. Loop incl. AT/LT (white paint blazes were only 3' above top of snow) which we lost anyway & bushwhacked downhill (oh so much fun going in & out of the trees!) thru fairly open woods til we got to the bridge over HHB. View of 2 windfarms from PL, otherwise no sign of civilization. Unmarked path back to LP snowmobile trail, Views of Mts Haystack & Snow. All streams still well frozen over - looks like snow will still be around for most of April. Gorgeous blue sky day, temp around freezing: at least 30", unbreakable crust with a little give topped with 1-2" fresh powder - very good skiing. 8+ miles, 4.8 hours.

Mar 2, 2014 - LITTLE POND & PORCUPINE LOOKOUT from Rt.9, Green Mountain NF, Woodford, VT.  2"powder on somewhat breakable crust over deep base made for very good skiing. Appalachian/Long Trail. 9.3 miles, 5 hours.

Mar 31, 2013 - LITTLE POND & PORCUPINE LOOKOUT back to skiing in Woodford VT.  Up to 2' consolidated snow, soft surface with temp close to 50F.  From Rt.9 took FR 275 for 2 miles then N into Glastenbury Wilderness, snowmobiles had illegally gone to Little Pond.  Crossover trail to AT/LT then S to Porcupine Lookout (postholed by barebooters) - good view of the Mts. Haystack & Snow ridge plus views S.  Took the path to the E of FR 275 back - this was untracked since the last snowfall but breaking trail no problem as I only sank in 1-3".  Catamount tracks.  3.3 hours.  Fischer S-Bound 88 skis.

Jan 21, 2013 - LITTLE POND & PORCUPINE LOOKOUT, from Rt.9 in Woodford VT.  Green Mtn NF.  Glastenbury Wilderness.  AT/LT.  Elevations 2,300'-2,800'.  From the lookout could see Haystack Mtn & Mt Snow to the E, Prospect & Greylock to the S - Searsburg wind farm the only nearby (within 10 miles) sign of civilization.  Very good skiing especially at higher (2,600'+) elevations - 3-4"powder over good to excellent base.  4.1 hours.

Jan 16, 2012 - LITTLE POND & PORCUPINE LOOKOUT from Rt.9, Woodford, VT.  About a foot of snow, half base half powder - very good skiing, still some rocks showing tho.  Stayed away from the snowmobile trails for the most part.  After a sunny lunch at the scenic pond in the Glastenbury Wilderness Area we skied along a connector trail to the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail then S uphill to the lookout at 2,800' el. where there is a good view to the Searsburg wind farm but no other signs of civilization.  Loss of over 400' of elevation on the return - sweet!  7.5 miles, 5.1 hours.


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