DUTCH HILL hike up an old ski area in Heartwellville VT.

Jul 30, 2018 -  Hoosac Range.  Green Mountain NF.  Bottom of the old ski area on Rtes. 8/100 (1,905') was under water so I drove up Rue Madeline 0.2 miles & parked on the shoulder (2,000').  Hiked up on the "legal trail", a snowmobile/ATV trail - dry at first but got more stream-like further up.  At 1.3 miles took a L.  At 1.9 miles took a spur R to a good lookout E (2,700') - thought I could see Mt. Olga, Hogback & NH?  Reached clearing at top of old ski area at 2.5 miles (2,469').  View of Houghton Mtn (3,095') to the W, Glastenbury Mtn to the N; in between were Prospect Mtn (2,767') & the hills of the Aiken Wilderness.  Down on Dyke & Meadows Extension.  3.7 miles, 2.5 hours.  Some of the pics match the winter locations below.

Apr 19, 2015 - DUTCH HILL & HOOSAC RANGE skiing. Green Mountain NF. Good skiing on 0-15" corn, some wet spots. Started at ~2,200' on Rue Madeline in Heartwellville VT. Some bushwhacking, some old woods roads, some old ski trails. Climbed to the N of DH. View E to MA & NH? from ledge on 2,657' peak. Found an old camp & abandoned vehicles incl. school bus. Looped back on woods road to DH. Nice view across Aiken Wilderness to Prospect & Glastenbury Mtns from top of the old (closed in 1985) Dutch Hill Ski Area. Went partway down one of the old runs (not much snow down low). Sunny, temp rising thru the 40s to mid 50s, skied in shorts again. 4.7 miles, 4.5 hours.


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