HOUR POND, Siamese Ponds Wilderness - skiing, hiking.

April 28, 2016 - Hike from 13th Lake on the newer red trail off from the Peaked Mtn Pond trail, 500' gain in 1 mile. Checked out the campsites at the pond. Flowering: yellow violets, spring beauties; purple trillium just starting to come out. Some mud, but not too bad. 8.2 miles, 5.5 hours.

Feb 8, 2009 - HOUR POND. From Old Farm trailhead. Siamese Ponds Wilderness. Temp slightly above freezing at the start (mostly heavy wet powder), slightly below freezing at the end (tracks icing up). Branched off Puffer Pond Trail to Hour Pond & lean-to. Took new red trail back down to 13th Lake - advanced skiing today, intermediate+ in perfect conditions. Crossed lake with lots of slush/water to Elizabeth Point & back up to start. 8 miles, 6 hours.

Jul 20, 2008 - THIRTEENTH LAKE paddling & HOUR POND hiking. Raining often. Paddle 1 mile down the lake & start the hike on the new red-marked trail. Gain 500' in ~1mile. Join yellow trail from Puffer Pond Trail at 1.8 miles then it is 0.8 miles to Hour Pond which incl. crossing an old overgrown beaver dam. A peaceful wilderness destination. New leanto half way up E side has some trash already, carried some out. 1.4 hr. hike from 13th Lake, 1.1 hrs for the return. Red efts. Cruised the rest of 2 mile long 13th Lake which is mostly state land - misty mountains. Osprey, merganser family, 3 adult loons & 1 chick. 5.5 hours. Light mosquito activity off the water, mostly in leanto. Bell Merlin II, a 15' composite solo canoe.

Feb 11, 2008 - HOUR POND. Good base with a foot of powder - excellent conditions. Started at the N end of 13th Lake, skied 0.8 miles along the lake (some slush under the snow) with winds over 20mph, temp 7 degrees. Onto the Peaked Mountain Pond trail where we gain 400' in less than a mile - I get good grip & acceptable glide with Swix Polar grip wax on glide zone of Fischer Outtabounds skis, Maxiglide on nowax pattern. Crossed Peaked Mtn Brook on good ice bridge. From vly with view of Slide Mtn headed off-trail to the S (described in latest 2005 edition of Discover the South Central Adirondacks) thru open woods climbing gently to a beaver meadow. Crossed above a beaver dam & broke thru the ice, one foot getting very wet. Changed into a dry sock (because boots will still be wet, I recommend that you carry spare wool socks & plastic bags or waterproof socks like Sealskins) & scraped the ice off skis. Height of land ~2,200', dropped down in view of beaver pond on Hour Pond Trail but stayed high & circled the hill to Hour Pond where we went up the E side to a brand new leanto. Returned via Hour Pond Trail to junction with new red trail to 13th Lake (junction recently marked). Uphill on new red trail to top of pass at 2,163'. The next mile is a wonderful mostly downhill run ENE to 13th Lake dropping almost 500'. The red trail continues above the lakeshore for a third of a mile on rolling terrain until it crosses Peaked Mountain Brook & joins the Peaked Mtn Pond Trail ~100 yds from 13th Lake. Intermediate if snow conditions are excellent. 8.6 miles, 5 hours. Can't wait to do it again - without the wet feet!

Jan 6, 2008 - HOUR POND from 13th Lake. Siamese Ponds Wilderness xc skiing. Took Puffer Pond Trail from Old Farm Clearing, very scenic as one climbs up along Hour Pond Outlet. 1.5 mile trail to Hour Pond is unmarked. Drop down to a stream crossing & the unmarked trail goes L ( a new red trail goes NNE to intersect the Peaked Mtn Pond Trail not far from 13th Lake), across a beaver dam, goes SW for a bit before turning NW & N. Bullhead Mtn rises 1,200' to the W but was in the clouds, Hour Pond Mtn to the N; there is a new leanto on the E shore of the pond. A bat flew by at the pond & snowfleas seen on the snow (those tiny black specks move). Fun run out. Very good base with a few inches of wettish powder - ~20" total. Temp in the 30's. 8.5 miles, 6.5 hours.

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