LAKE LILA canoeing & camping

June 19 & 20, 2016 - LAKE LILA canoe camping. William C Whitney Wilderness. Last 2 days of spring. 5.6 mile drive in on decent dirt road, just have to keep an eye out for some raised rocks. Doubled the 0.3 mile carry to a nice sand beach (great spot for a swim). Paddled 2 miles & got a nice campsite with a sandy beach & rocks out front. After setting up camp, paddled up Shingle Shanty Brook for 2.7 miles until we reached the carry to Lilypad Pond - had to get out for 1 beaver dam, slid over at least 3 others + a log; upstream of this spot the stream passes thru private land. Lots of dragonflies, damselflies & butterflies flitting about; a snake swam across in front of me. Short evening paddle to view the rising of the full moon & the setting of the sun. In the morning, paddled across the lake to campsite #5, hiked a path behind the campsite, soon crossed a dirt road then bushwhacked NE up unnamed hill gaining over 400' in ~0.6 miles - there are great views from open rock (at least as good as the views from Mt Frederica & a shorter hike). Wind was really picking up with gusts to 30mph. Paddled clockwise around shore of the lake stopping to take a look at the old lodge site. Saw a doe & 2 small fawns frolicking along a beach. Went downstream on the tree-lined Beaver River (much wider than Shingle Shanty) for about a mile to rocky rapids & private land. Where there was a good fetch over the lake the waves rose to close to 2'. Broke camp & paddled out in the waves. Bad bugs not too prevalent - mostly deer flies & mosquitoes. Osprey, bitterns, bald eagle, hawks, loon (not very loony overall). ~23 miles paddling/hiking over the 2 days.

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