GARNET LAKE paddling, camping, hiking & skiing.

May 9, 2019 - GARNET LAKE. Great loonacy! Saw a group of 6 loons that all took off - suspect they were on their way to Canada. Regardless, the resident loons were often in sight or sound. Also mergansers, osprey. buffleheads, C geese, mallards, yellow-bellied sapsucker & nesting (20' up a dead tree) wood ducks; sounds of coyotes & barred owls. Flowering: maples, yellow violets, spring beauties, coltsfoot and purple trillium just opening up; fiddleheads. No biting bugs as of May 9 altho I think I may have seen a couple black flies & mosquitoes.

May 12, 2017 - MUD POND & ROUND POND hikes from Mud Lake Rd (a 0.9 mile dirt road). 150 yard downhill walk to MP. Yellow trail marker at start (0.65 miles up ML Rd), no more needed after that. An old rowboat at the water so I went back to the Nehasanemobile & grabbed a canoe paddle & PFD. Regrettably the boat leaked & was a pig to paddle so I soon turned back - had about 1 gallon of water in it when I got out. From the end of the dirt road the newly-marked trail (yellow) bears L, gains 100' then drops the same, reaching Round Pond in 0.6 miles. Before crossing a beaver dam I took a L & soon reached the wide marsh at the mouth of Mud Pond Outlet. Had to bushwhack (a bit wet) & cross 3 channels on small beaver dams to reach Stony Point on the E shore - there is a nice campsite here. Rested & watched a pair of loons. Back to the yellow trail then along the N shore until I reached yesterday's turnaround spot. Overall, a much easier way to access RP than the trail from Garnet Lake. Some blackflies, not biting. 2.4 miles.

May 11 - ROUND POND hike from Garnet Lake. Wilcox Lake WF in the southern Adirondacks. 2.3 mile trail from GL to RP, lots of new yellow markers. Elevations 1,500'-2,100'. RP is far from round. New markers continue NE along the shoreline with nice views along the way: Wolf Pond Mtn to the SE, Long Tom Ridge to the SW. Lunched on a peninsula/island that juts out onto the pond. New trail links to the old path from Mud Lake Rd. Lots of wildflowers along the way: purple trillium, Dutchman's breeches, sessile bellwort, Solomon's seal, billions of spring beauties; shadbush & hobblebush also flowering. 6.3 miles, 4.6 hours.

In the Adirondack Park, there are 43 Mud Ponds, 21 Long Ponds, 16 Clear Ponds, 16 Round Ponds, 14 Lost Ponds, 14 Rock Ponds, 14 Deer Ponds, 13 Grass Ponds, 12 Buck Ponds, 10 Lily Pad Ponds & 10 Bear Ponds.

GARNET LAKE. GL has 3 primitive campsites along the access road (outhouses need work or need to be moved) & several more out on the lake. S half of the 2-mile-long lake is state land, some cottages in the N half. Blackflies were out by late morning but not too hungry, quite bearable, generally 0-20 flies around me in the pm - one bit me & no longer lives.. Highs in the upper 50s to low 60s, lows in upper 30s. 5 loons (a pair & a threesome). A black & white warbler explored a dead birch next to me.

Oct 14 - Oct 16, 2016 - GARNET LAKE canoe camping. Fall foliage still brilliant! The N half of this 2-mile-long lake has some cottages but the S half is wild. Nice campsites on the W shore but they face the developed shoreline. Got a nice S-facing site in the S lobe - got good amount of sun. After setting up camp took a paddle around the S half of the lake. Quite a few tree stumps in the shallow SE. 1 person fishing with a motorboat. Day 2 - 32F when I got up but sun warmed things up after 7:50am. A family of 4 loons were often active & provided entertainment; a mink swam out from near campsite, dove & returned to land several times. Paddled short distance to trailhead for Lizard Pond & hiked 0.7 miles. Went off-trail W of N & started climbing steeply to open rock below summit of MOUNT BLUE - 900' climb in 0.9 miles - great views S & E. 0.7 mile return to trail on a route slightly W of the up route but got into some blowdown near Lizard Pond. Visited the lean-to on LP. 1.2 miles back to GL. A family of 5 in a motorboat looked like they wanted my campsite, they ended up at a site on W shore well away. Mostly very quiet other than the ducks, geese, loons, owls. Lovely moonrise. Day 3 - 45F when I got up. Packed up & paddled out.
May 10, 2015 - GARNET LAKE Paddled around the 2-mile-long lake in the morning. The hillsides were various shades of green - Mt Blue rises almost 1,500' above W shore, Crane Mtn seen to the NE. Lots of drowned stumps in the southern half of the lake. Just hung out in the pm waiting for predicted showers & storms which never came, water warm enough for a swim. A hot Sunday, saw ~15 other paddlers, most in small kayaks. Turtles, loons. Columbine bloomed on rock on NW shore, leatherleaf on islands. Light blackfly activity - did not use protection (did have the Original Bugshirt with me), got some bites.
Feb 18, 2013 - LIZARD POND from Garnet Lake's E shore. Poor to excellent conditions, not crusty. Nice mountain views crossing the lake - Mt Blue to the W.. The 300' in 1 mile climb to Lizard had plenty of rocks showing, was packed by skiers & snowshoers plus had been traveled by ATV! - poor skiing. Skied across the pond to the lean-to for lunch - and, yes, there is still quite the echo in winter. Mount Blue N of the pond & Crane Mtn well to the E. Tracks of any kind soon disappeared W of the pond & skiing was excellent with a few inches of powder on a good base. Dropped 300' in about 1.5 miles thru pleasant mixed woods, E Stony Creek never far to the L - nice skiing. Reached trail junction to Indian Pond & Baldwin Springs & turned back - a snowmobile had been in recently. Desiring to avoid a nasty downhill back to the lake, Rongwae suggested we ski E off-trail to the S of Gillingham Knoll. Some interesting steep terrain & obstacles drove us more SE - mostly very good snow conditions. Reached marshes then headed NE along streambed then short distance thru the woods to the lake. 10.4 miles, 5.7 hours.
Nov 22 - THANKSGIVING "DAY CAMPING" on GARNET LAKE. N half of lake ice-free but S half had much ice early - the 50 degree temp did manage to melt half that ice & we were able to paddle into the S half of the lake later in the day. Foil cookery over the fire which also warmed up the apple pie. Mount Blue rises almost 1,500' to the W & Crane Mtn is seen to the NE. Some cottages in N half, S half mostly state land, several campsites on the lake. Ducks, geese, bald eagles, beaver, mink. 6+ hours.


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