PUTNAM POND paddling.

Nov 30, 2015 - PUTNAM POND canoeing. Got well below freezing overnight. 1.5 hour morning paddle around the perimeter, some ice around the edges & coves. Lots of ducks, some C geese. Drove up the road a bit & hiked to nearby LOST POND. Interesting loop around the rock-lined pond, water level low exposing some beaches. Temp did not get much above freezing today. 4.3 miles, 2.3 hours.

Nov 29 - Drove over to PUTNAM POND & paddled to a campsite in the dark with snow flurries, set up camp.

Apr 28, 2015 - PUTNAM POND. Paddled around perimeter of the pond with shores of red & white pine, hemlock & some birch. Hike to TREADWAY MTN (5.2 miles round-trip, 900' net el gain). Varied woods on the way, an area of leafless hardwoods allowed the sun in, much of the last mile over open rock incl. rose quartz. Far-ranging views to Green Mts, snowy Mt Marcy & Great Range, Crane Mtn, Pharoah Lake, Crab Pond, Glidden Marsh (spent 2 hours enjoying the summit area). Sights & sounds of loons, mergansers, mallards, gb heron, Cooper's hawk, pileated woodpecker, C geese, kingfisher, white-throated sparrow & other songbirds. Temp in 50s, much sun, breezy.

Apr 27 - PUTNAM POND canoe camping. State campground is E of the pond & there are several hike & paddle-in campsites. We paddled a few minutes to a lovely piney campsite. Pharoah Lake Wilderness Area surrounds the pond. Paddled around the perimeter. Hike to ROCK POND & exploration of old graphite mine - boiler, old stone walls, a turquoise pool in quarry with waterfall... Little Rock Pond & lean-to. Loon pairs, osprey, black furry animal. Handfull of fishermen out. Temp in 40s, brief sprinkles, some sun, breezy; mid-30s overnight.

In the Adirondack Park, there are 43 Mud Ponds, 21 Long Ponds, 16 Clear Ponds, 16 Round Ponds, 14 Lost Ponds, 14 Rock Ponds, 14 Deer Ponds, 13 Grass Ponds, 12 Buck Ponds, 10 Lily Pad Ponds & 10 Bear Ponds.

Apr 26&27, 2009 - PUTNAM POND canoe camping. Told that ice has been out for over 2 weeks. Paddled out & set up camp on the island - one must pay for these on-water sites once the campground is open, not today - fire ring, picnic table, outhouse. Paddled around N end of pond then to S end. Romancing pairs of loons, mergansers & mallards. Hiked to & around Grizzle Ocean (an "ocean" that is much smaller than the "pond") - 3 miles. Yellow violets. A beaver passes our campsite both evening & morning. Hike Treadway Mountain (trailhead 5 min. paddle from our campsite - very pleasant route, excellent views from the rocky summit, still snow on Mt. Marcy & other High Peaks - 5 miles, 900"+. Garter & green snakes on rocky upper trail; hawks, osprey fly over the summit; a few blackflies (not biting yet). Bell Merlin II, a 15' solo touring canoe, & Bell Northstar, a 16.5' tandem touring canoe.


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